Frequently Asked Questions


What is PassionORM and why do I need it?
PassionORM® is an Enterprise level .Net ORM engine that converts data between incompatible data type systems in a relational database, and object-oriented programming languages like VB.Net and C#.

This creates, in effect, “a virtual object database” that can be used from within your code. The principle behind is to delegate to PassionORM® the management of persistence, and work at code-level with the objects representing a domain model, and not with the data structures in the same format as a relational database.

PassionORM® establishes a bi-directional link with the data in a relational database and the objects in code, based on a configuration and by executing dynamic SQL queries on the database. Linking business applications correctly with their Data should no longer be a tedious task.
What programming languages are supported by PassionORM?
For now, PassionORM (fully) supports development using C# and VB.NET.

You can generate a DAL layer in C# or VB.NET (as a standalone dll) and program against this dll in Delphi.NET (for instance). In other words, one can program partial classes (a.k.a events/extension methods) in C# or VB.NET only; the rest can be done in any language.
How does it work?
Within your code you add a ".dbgen" file and setup the connection string to your database. Now you can immediately program against your database. You can update your database at any moment and to let your code pick up on those changes you only have to re-compile your code.
What database servers are supported?
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (or higher) Express, Standard, Developer and Enterprise Edition.
- My SQL Server (experimental).
- Oracle (experimental).

System Requirements

What are the system requirements?
OS Platform: Windows 2000 or later
.NET 2.0 Framework or later
MS SQL Server 2005 or later (Express, Developer, or Enterprise)
Recommended: Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, but also works (non-integrated) with other development environments

Free Version

How can I get the PassionORM free version?
Download the PassionORM free version from here.
What are the features of the PassionORM free version?
  • The PassionORM free version supports all features and functionalities of the commercial versions.
  • The PassionORM free version is limited for use by one developer only.
  • It is not allowed to use the PassionORM free version to develop commercial software.

Professional Version

How can I get the PassionORM Professional version?
You can purchase the PassionORM Professional version here.
Free vs. Professional
The PassionORM Professional version can be used to develop commercial software and is licensed per concurrent developer. Buy now!


What is a developer license?
A developer license allows the use of PassionORM by one concurrent developer for unrestricted development and unlimited deployments.
What is an enterprise license?
No limit on the number of (concurrent) developers (ideal for development teams with more than 50 developers). Enterprise License includes 8 hours of Swift Phone Support.
Is there an expiration to the license?
- A PassionORM license allows concurrent usage of PassionORM within a development environment.
- You can buy both time limited and perpetual licenses.
- If your license is about to expire, you can renew with a discount*.
* Early renewal is discounted; late renewal is only available up to two (2) months after the expiration date of the subscription.

Version Upgrades

Do I need to pay again for new versions?
You can always upgrade your PassionORM version, upgrading is unrelated to your license and is for free.


Does passionORM have support?
Yes it does. See our Support Page for details on all support options.
I have a big problem, can I call you?
Yes, of course. Phone Support can be purchased separately on an hourly basis.
Where can I get help resources?
Please go to the Documentation Page. You will find various sources of reference materials.